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Kedayan Kedayan.Org Wiki Apakian? Project Launched

Satu Kebanggaan Untuk Masyarakat Kedayan di mana jua

25 Jan Julai 2006, Kota Kinabalu: The first Kedayan Wikipedia, Kedayan.Org Wiki Apakian? Project officially launched today. The project aims to become a milestone for Kadayan community documentation, once completed. It is a big dream, and requires huge resources, of both human and financial resources.For a start, The project founder and manager, Mr. Arimi Sidek has published 3 stubs of Kedayan Entries to mark the beginning of wiki writing collaboration effort. These stubs were created upon the completion of Kedayan.Org website upgrade process.

With the new upgrade, Kedayan.Org Wiki Apakian? Project uses a more reliable wiki engine, pmwiki to be exact.Therefore, please participate in this project as contributors, editor, or even financially so that it can be successful. Please contact Kedayan.Org if you interested.


There is an official Kedayan Universe website at Please pay them a visit or kindly participate to assist them toward becoming the most comprehensive resources on Kedayan.

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